ANTH-WRITING ASSN 1 - Lauren Faehn ANTH 2100 001 Writing...

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Lauren Faehn ANTH 2100 – 001 Writing Assignment #1 Throughout history, especially within the last century, science and technologies have been able to expand our knowledge on genetic disorders. We have been able to find some answers as to what causes these disorders, why they are prevalent, and what we can do to cure or prevent them. Based on the readings, especially The Inuit Paradox and The Saltshaker’s Curse , I have concluded that environmental conditions dramatically affect genetic diseases in various ways. Many diseases have been proven to be purely from random mutations, but I do not believe that all genetic diseases have originated solely from poor genetics. A person’s lifestyle can help prevent several diseases and protect future generations. Diet and nutrition have an enormous impact on genetic diseases. In today’s society, convenience is an important factor when making decisions on almost everything, especially the food we eat. From grocery stores to fast food restaurants, food is prepackaged and manmade so that it can be mass produced. The manmade fats plus extreme carbohydrates mixed in with fierce amounts of sodium is what westernized countries today love to eat. When stricken with threat of
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ANTH-WRITING ASSN 1 - Lauren Faehn ANTH 2100 001 Writing...

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