ESSAY 3 - Lauren Faehn POLS 3361 Essay #3 Globalization The...

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Lauren Faehn POLS 3361 Essay #3 Globalization The phenomenon of globalization since the 1980’s has surged into an important issue leaving scholars and politicians divided. The debate over Globalization goes further than whether the costs outweigh the benefits, but more so in the definition itself. According to Goldstein and Pevehouse, is defined as the “increasing integration of the world in terms of communications, culture, and economics” (G&P 372). Globalization is viewed by some as a step in the right direction for International Relations in that peace can be achieved between states. Others believe that the costs of it will force states to give up their sovereignty, along with environmental problems, inequality, and disintegration of world cultures. I believe that the costs and benefits of globalization outweigh each other depending on the dynamics and dimensions of it at this point in time, but the benefits will bring prosperity in the future for all countries involved. I will further discuss the three most important issues concerning our world today that can be solved by globalization: economic development, trade, and cooperation through interdependence. Economic development of underprivileged countries is a growing topic of concern. How can we fill the gap? Globalization can be a solution to this problem because developed countries can provide for undeveloped countries without a great cost. Some scholars argue that the poor of
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ESSAY 3 - Lauren Faehn POLS 3361 Essay #3 Globalization The...

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