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Weblogs are Web sites that are composed of a series of entries that are frequently updated with new entries about a certain topic. Blogging has become highly addictive to many users because they can make their own sites or respond to other weblogs anytime they want to. There are two types of weblogs that exist, filter style and journal-style blogs. Filter style weblogs are the more common types of blogs. They are based on constructing a network with several perspectives. The editor of the blog posts information on a certain topic with their own interpretation. Links to articles are provided so that other users may become enlightened and even persuaded with the editor’s side. These weblogs are filtered
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Unformatted text preview: with information already provided for the reader. Many news organizations set up weblogs so that their viewers can go online and respond to articles or other comments placed on the website. On the contrast, journal-style weblogs are blogs with this type of concept, commentary and provided links, but are motivated by the need of self expression. These blogs are often updated several times a day with little or no restriction on the content. Xanga.com is a good example of this type of blog because it allows users to update whenever they want to with text, pictures, and even video. Xanga allows for users to create an identity online with the option to personalize their site....
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