A Mountain of Shoes

A Mountain of Shoes - Fronr snrall f-rom largc fi,onr cach...

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Such a rnountoin Sucharnountuinlsmry A.nd suelder,ly a strange thing happened. . The rnountain moved moved. ... and the thousande of stroes aruanged thernselrcs by size by pairs and in rows and nroved. Hear! Flear the nrarcl'r hear the shuffle of shoes lefr behind*that which remained
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Unformatted text preview: Fronr snrall, f-rom largc fi,onr cach and every one. Make wfly fsr the rows for the pairs for the generations for the years. The shoe annv*it move$ and nroves. ivlichael [le rcnbaum- T'fte tttodd Masl &to*,. Little, Broun & Ctrnrpirny. tlo.eton) Mass. 1993, 143...
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