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Persuasive Essay Draft - A woman has a very short amount of...

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A woman has a very short amount of time in which she can have children and sometimes she may not be ready in that time. Some women may feel as if they are not ready for children in the time when they can have them, while others may feel as if they are being pressured by a boyfriend or husband to have children because of the time. While on the opposite side of that, a young girl can also look ahead and think that since there is such a small amount of time that she must have a child very young. What about the young girl who is lying in a hospital bed with cancer, she is told that in order for her to live she must have a chemotherapy that will cause her to never be able to have children. She may not even know if she wants children yet or not, and yet, that choice is being taken from her. This can be proven as untrue. Here in the twenty-first century there are many ways to insure a woman a child at some point in her life. For instance, adoption, but adoption can be very expensive and it generally takes years and is a very difficult process to go through. Money aside, if a woman wants to have a child later in life, it is not going to be something inexpensive. Or, to visit the cancer patient again, what about her? How will she ever have the choice to try to have a child that is biologically hers? There is a new way, and it is called Oocyte Cryopreservation. Oocyte Cryopreservation should be an option for all women so that they can have children at anytime they wish that biologically belong to them. This treatment is currently not available for women on the “on demand” basis, but, could be just around the corner. Why not have this option open so that a woman can actually give birth to her child, have it biologically hers at the time she feels ready. Not to say adoption is bad, but some women want to have at least one child of her very own blood and to have the experience of childbirth to send on to their daughters/ daughter-in-laws. A lot of people wonder what Oocyte Cryopreservation is? Oocyte Cryopreservation is
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Persuasive Essay Draft - A woman has a very short amount of...

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