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Written Response #8 - Monceau says back, in a sort of...

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Krista DeMersman English 108 Written Response #8 04/03/08 Dramatic irony, it seems to always surface in plays. Dramatic irony is a key to plays and really helps the audience get into what is going on. Incident at Vichy , by Arthur Miller, is no exception. There are many instances in Incident at Vichy where the audience knows that there is more happening then the character is aware of. The audience may know for many reasons, but in this case the knowledge is because of what I have learned previously. A great example of this is with the Gypsy. We know that Gypsies where sent to the camps along with Jews and other cultures and races of people. With just that knowledge the audience may know that these men are in for some trouble. Another instance is of Dramatic irony in Incident at Vichy is when Bayard talks about the train filled with people. Leduc questions the idea of a concentration camp.
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Unformatted text preview: Monceau says back, in a sort of denial how they are volunteering, the audience knows right away that Monceau is very wrong about that and that those people are in fact on their way to a camp to die. Though in the beginning not much is really known about each man, the audience can already sense that they have been arrested by the Nazis and they may be in some trouble. Dramatic irony makes a play more interesting for the audience. It also makes the audience care about the outcome of the characters. Dramatic irony gives the audience a different experience, then just sitting and not knowing anything else but what is happening as it happens. It adds emotion and gives a play heart. Without dramatic irony plays would be boring and the audience would not care the outcome and furthermore it may even eliminate the good guy and bad guy situation....
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Written Response #8 - Monceau says back, in a sort of...

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