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instructions - about since we will be working on this...

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1 General Information For this paper, you will be researching a career of your choice. We will be spending a month working through the stages of writing a research paper. We will start by learning how to properly cite sources within the text, identify appropriate reference material, and create an annotated bibliography. This information will also be used to create an oral presentation where you can share your research findings with the class. Choosing a Career Before you go to the library next week, you must have selected a career to research. This career can be a position you currently hold or a position that you wish you held. You can select any career that you wish, but I suggest selecting one that you legitimately would like to know more
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Unformatted text preview: about since we will be working on this project for one month. Research Ideas $ Electronic Databases $ Paper Sources $ Interviews What to Research $ Education Requirements $ Experience requirements $ Salary $ Advancement opportunities $ job description $ Etc. .. Essay Requirements $ At least 4 references $ At least 2 direct quotes $ Correctly Formatted MLA Works Cited page $ Correctly formatted parenthetical documentation Friendly Reminders: $ At least 5 pages $ Typed $ Stapled $ Double spaced (with 1 inch margins) $ Cover page with a title $ Times New Roman 12 pt. font...
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