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Written Response #9

Written Response #9 - Krista DeMersman Written Response#9...

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Krista DeMersman Written Response #9 04/24/08 When talking about the Holocaust many people only talk about the victims, perpetrators, and the bystanders, but, there is another group who is less talked about. This group is known as the resistors or the resistance. The people of the resistance put their lives in serious danger. The novel Number Of The Stars by Lois Lowry shows the reader how these people of the resistance worked and how they were willing to give their lives to help save Denmark and its Jews. Each person had their own reason to be part of the resistance. For some it was pride, for others lack of knowledge. For Annemarie it was her lack of knowledge that helped her save her friend and many others. Though Annemarie knew some things that were going on right in her own home, there was much she did not know. For example, when Great-aunt Birte “died” Annemarie knew that there was no such Great-aunt Birte, but, when the coffin came Annemarie knew not what or who was inside. So when the Nazis came that evening and asked her who was
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