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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 008 (Course Registration # 341-583) provided by the Learning Strategies Center (LSC) and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Syllabus, Spring 2008 Chemistry 008 Staff: Instructor: Dr. Jason K. Pontrello Office: 154 Baker Lab Phone: 255-2753 email: Jennifer Cassano, Stephanie Chan, Marc Halperin, Jin Lin, Patrick Nestor, Liz Rapoport, Julia Rosenberg, Daniel Song, Ramya Tadipatri Chemistry Tutors: Course Website: Please enroll in the Chemistry 008 website at to gain access to online information. NOTE: This does not register you in the course! Course Handouts: Handouts and information can be found on the Chemistry 008 course website at and in Baker 157. Course Sessions: Sunday Evening Sessions, 6:00 - 7:30 pm in Baker 200. Sunday Sessions are open to all Chemistry 208 students regardless of registration in Chemistry 008. Students registered in Chemistry 008 must earn 10 of 17.5 points during the semester to receive a "Satisfactory" grade. Part I: 45 minutes. This lecture-formatted session will review topics discussed in Chemistry 208. 1 point received for each attended session. Part II: 45 minutes. This session utilizes team learning to review learning strategy questions. New questions are available online every Friday and due Sunday. 0.5 points for completed questions and peer review. Grading: 100-85% Outstanding "O"; 84-40% Satisfactory "S"; 39-0% Unsatisfactory "U". Note: An "O" and "U" average to two "S" grades. Please note: There will be no Sunday Sessions during Spring Break (March 16 and 23), and the final Sunday Session for the course will be held April 27. (OVER) Group Review Sessions, Sunday 4:30 - 5:30 pm in Baker 135. Sessions are open to all Chemistry 208 students regardless of registration in Chemistry 008. Group Review Sessions involve the review of previous homework questions from Chemistry 208 and 008. Prior to exams, review outlines of fundamental topics will be composed and posted on the course website. Students are required to attend either the session immediately before the first, second, or final exam to receive credit for Chemistry 008. Please note: Group Review Sessions will begin February 10 and end April 27. There will be no sessions during Spring Break (March 16 and 23). Office Hours: Permanent office hours will be posted on the Chemistry 008 course website and on the door of Baker 157 and will begin on Monday, January 28. Other times may be arranged by appointment (email Dr. Pontrello, jkp49). Please Note: Chemistry 208 office hours are open to all Chemistry 208 students; Chem 008 office hours are reserved for students registered in Chem 008. Course Registration: Registration in Chemistry 008 may be made online using the six-digit course number: 341-583. Anyone enrolled in Chem 208 may attend the Sunday evening sessions. However, in order to have small group interaction, weekly group sessions and office hours are reserved for students registered for Chemistry 008. Credit: Some colleges award one unit of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) transcript to students who fulfill the requirements for Chemistry 008. REQUIREMENTS FOR A "SATISFACTORY" (S) GRADE: Earn at least 10 of 17.5 points from Sunday Sessions (Part I Sessions earns 1 point and Part II Sessions earns 0.5 points), one Group Review Session immediately before a Chemistry 208 examination, at least one hour of Chemistry 008 Office Hours during the semester. Be sure to sign the attendance sheet at each session and office hours. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your success in Chemistry 208 depends on your being actively involved in the learning process. Attend all course lectures, learn all lecture and textbook material soon as it is presented, begin all homework sets the day they are assigned, and attend all Chem 008 sessions prepared to ask questions. Use office hours for more individualized assistance with specific problems. I will be happy to entertain all suggestions for modifying the format of Chem 008 if the suggestion will improve the course. The major course objective is to help you perform to the best of your ability in Chemistry 208. Working together we can make this a successful and enjoyable learning experience for you! HAVE A GREAT SEMESTER! Chemistry 008 Syllabus Dr. Jason K. Pontrello Page 2 Spring 2008 ...
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