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1 BIO 1107 Course Information and Policies Scott T. Meissner, Lecturer 2008 Welcome to summer Introductory Biology! The following deals mainly with items relating to the lecture and to general course policies. Please see the Laboratory Information handout for further information on the laboratory part of the course. Course staff and contact information: E-mail: Visiting Lecturer: Scott T. Meissner [email protected] Lab Coordinator: Kathryn Gardner [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Mark Sarvary [email protected] Heidi Tremaine [email protected] Course Administrative Assistants: Louise Lattin [email protected] Debbie Doolittle [email protected] The course administrative office is located at 1140 Comstock Hall. The telephone number is 255-2031. Texts: Our text is Biology , 7 th edition, 2005, by Campbell and Reece. New and used copies are available at the campus bookstore. A copy is available for use in 1122 Comstock Hall. The BIO 1107 laboratory manual will be handed out in class. Lectures and Labs: Lectures will be held from 9:00-12:00 am on Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fridays in the Morison room (room A106) of Corson-Mudd Hall. At the end of this handout are given a calendar of lecture topics and a list of reading assignments for each lecture. Labs will meet from 1:30-4:30 pm Mondays through Thursdays. Each lab will start with an organizational meeting in room 1116 Comstock Hall. Course website: The course website is: To log on to this site please use your Cornell Net ID as your username, and use your CU NET password. Once logged in you should click on the BIO 107-108 link. If you are visiting from another campus, and do not have a Cornell Net ID, you should visit the Computer Center and get one. If you have problems logging in please let me know. In the website you will find links to answer keys, links to campus policies, copies of some handouts, etc. ... Copies of my lecture notes will be posted, usually within a day after each lecture. Many documents will be posted as PDF files, which can be read by Acrobat reader. Please check your e-mail regularly in case you are sent course announcements.
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2 Office hours: You may come to my office hours to do several things: Ask me questions about course material, describe items to me to get feedback on your mastery of a topic, or just bring a bag lunch and sit in a soft seat before going to lab in the afternoon. .. No appointment needed. I will hold office hours at the following times in room 1122 Comstock Hall: 12:30-1:30, Monday through Friday, and also 10:00-12:00, Wednesday mornings. Other times may be possible by appointment, especially earlier Wednesday mornings or later Friday afternoons. Questions sent by e-mail will be joyfully received and answered when I can. I am happy to discuss items from lecture, or lab, as you see fit. Points and assigning letter grades:
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syllabus_BIO_107 - BIO 1107 Course Information and Policies...

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