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“All the things you are” by Gerry Mulligan and Paul Desmond is from the “cool” era of Jazz. The instrumentation of the piece is comprised of the drums, the alto saxophone and the baritone saxophone. From the beginning, the drum playing is very passive and barely audible as the two saxophonists play their parts. The piece starts off with a “question and answer” between the alto and the baritone saxophones; the alto starts and the baritone answers. From the beginning, the piece is very relaxed and at a medium tempo. The drums playing the backdrop of the song is very passive and uses brushes instead of sticks in the beginning while the two saxophones play. From the beginning to 0:17 of the song is the first motive of the piece. It is very smooth and simple. Then from around 0:18 to 0:27 the motive is developed from the first with an addition of more notes. The drums add on cymbals and makes the song a bit more alive, but still remains very passive and soft. Then at 0:28 until the alto solo comes in, the motive goes back to
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all_the_things_you_are[1] - "All the things you...

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