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The piece, “Blues March” by the Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Is from the hard bop era of jazz. The instrumentation for the piece comprises of two horns, the tenor saxophone and the trumpet and of the rhythm section, the piano, the bass and the drums. The song starts with thunderous drumming by Art Blakey leading into the melody line, which is twelve bars long. The twelve measure melody line is a bit choppy like a real march style, but follows jazz because it is still bluesy . The tempo of the overall piece is medium tempo but still very alive. The melody with the rhythm section comping with the horns; the bass is playing at a walking bass style, the drum still pretty thunderous with intensity and the piano playing lots of down beats without much notes in between to add the “march” feel. The melody plays through twice before the first solo comes in at 1:02. At 1:02 the first solo by the trumpet comes in. The bass is still “walking” and the piano is still playing only the downbeats with lots of emphasis but not getting in the way of the improv
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Art_Blakey_and_the_Jazz_Messengers[1] - The piece"Blues...

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