chapter 10-spr. 2007 (contracts)

chapter 10-spr. 2007 (contracts) - DISCUSSION QUESTIONS...

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS CONTRACT LAW PART I Chapters 10-18 deal with contract law. You are only assigned to read chapter 10 and chapter 18, however you are responsible in general terms for the information contained in the other chapters. You will be tested on the material that I present to you in the discussion questions on contract law. If the answer to the question is not found in either chapter 10 or chapter 18, you must look it up in the appropriate chapter dealing with that specific contract issue. 1. Explain to a child what a contract is. Be sure to make it simple enough so he-she can understand what you are talking about. 2. Who are the two parties to a contract – use their legal names. 3. In order for an offer to be effective, the offeror must have the proper intent, must communicate the offer and must include certain terms in the offer. Explain each of those and use examples to illustrate your answer. (more detailed information on offer and acceptance is in the chapter on agreement) 4. What is an acceptance? When is it made and how - in other words – what is the mirror image rule and at what time does an acceptance constitute an agreement? Use an example to illustrate your answer.
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chapter 10-spr. 2007 (contracts) - DISCUSSION QUESTIONS...

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