Chapter 13 review

Chapter 13 review - Chapter 13 Business Intelligence...

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Chapter 13 Business Intelligence Systems -Consist of technologies and applications designed to help users make better business decisions. Major applications and technologies used for business Intel systems include: -Supply Chain Management -Customer Relationship Management -Enterprise Systems -Systems for Knowledge Management -Technologies like data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP) Decision Making Levels: -Senior Management: unstructured decisions -Middle Management and Project Teams: semi structured decisions -Operational Management: Structured Decisions -Individual Employees: Structured Decisions Management Information Systems (MIS) -provide routine reports and summaries of transaction-level data to middle and operational level managers to provide answer to structured and semi structured decision problems. Decision Support Systems (DSS )-targeted systems that combine analytical models with operational data and supportive interactive queries and analysis for middle managers who face semi structured decision situations. Executive Support Systems (ESS) -specialized systems that provide senior management making primarily unstructured decisions with a broad array of both external information and high-level summaries of firm
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Chapter 13 review - Chapter 13 Business Intelligence...

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