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PHI2396 - ESSAY TOPICS (PAGE 2) - We tend to have a...

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Unformatted text preview: We tend to have a negative reaction to the idea of cloning human beings; holding it to be offensive to human autonomy and dignity. Some philosophers have argued, though, that arguments against human cloning based on the notion of ‘human dignity’ are ineffective. Other philosophers have proposed that human cloning is not morally objectionable and in fact may produce much benefit. What is your position on the moral status of human cloning? Defend your answer by reacting to specific arguments presented in the readings. (Annas, Tooley, Harris). Some philosophers have argued that limiting embryonic stem cell research, unless much benefit can be gained from such research, is justified on the grounds of respect for human life. Other philosophers, though, have argued that there is no significant moral difference between the embryos of humans and other animals. Thus, if we allow research on the stem cells of other animals we should allow stem cell research in regard to human embryos. Set out the relevant arguments, and defend the position you hold to be correct. (Robertson, Hawkins). ...
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