PHI2396 FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS - Briefly defend your answer 5...

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PHI 2396B: Final Exam Preparation Questions Only six of these will appear on the final exam 1. Rachels claims that since physicians withhold treatment during passive euthanasia, and are therefore responsible, this situation is open to moral assessment. Callahan disagrees with Rachels on this point. Explain both of their respective positions. 2. Callahan proposes that ‘unbearable suffering’ is not enough on its own to justify active euthanasia. What is his argument? Do you agree with his position? Defend your answer. 3. What moral distinction does Thomson rely on to argue that we do not always have an obligation to keep even a person alive in certain situations? Does this distinction always help her position, or does it sometimes hurt her position? 4. Warren has to provide an argument displaying why infanticide is morally wrong, since her position on abortion seems to sanction such an act. Explain her argument. Do you agree with her argument?
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Unformatted text preview: Briefly defend your answer. 5. Marquis claims that Warren ‘begs the question’ by assuming that her notion of personhood is equivalent with moral personhood. Explain their respective positions 6. Rescher claims after a certain point in the decision process for distributing ELT medical professionals are no longer the right people to make decisions. Explain his position. Do you agree? Defend your answer. 7. Annas argues that if we engaged in cloning we would be denying a particular agent’s uniqueness and therefore its value. What does Annas mean by this given that a clone will be unique, i.e. distinct from the original? Do you agree with his position. 8. Tooley responds to the claim, offered by Annas as well as others, that agents have a ‘right to ignorance’ and therefore cloning should be banned in order to respect this right. Explain both sides of this debate and briefly defend the side you agree with....
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PHI2396 FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS - Briefly defend your answer 5...

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