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2007_Final_Study_Questions - EAS 109 2007 FINAL EXAM MONDAY...

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EAS 109 2007 F INAL E XAM : M ONDAY , 10 D ECEMBER , 3:00 P . M ., B ARTON H ALL , C ENTRAL A REA 26 November 2007 A DDITIONAL S TUDY Q UESTIONS FOR THE F INAL ( INCLUDING EXAMPLES FROM THE RARELY REQUESTED M AKEUP FROM H ELL ) 1. What kinds of evidence are available on the life of the past, dinosaurs in particular? 2. How old is the Earth? … the oldest known fossils? … the bedrock exposed on the Cornell campus (Late Devonian in age)? … the earliest known vertebrates? … the earliest known forests? …the earliest known terrestrial vertebrates? … the earliest known dinosaurs? … the earliest known birds? … the earliest known mammals? … the earliest known humans? … the last known dinosaurs? 3. How and on what basis is the K/T boundary defined? How is this boundary identified the world over? How is it dated? (For that matter, how are rocks age-dated?) What is “K/T boundary clay’? What evidence ties this clay layer to Chicxulub impact crater in Mexico? What is the evidence that this impact precipitated the K/T mass extinction?
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