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CSE 109 HW 1 Due 9 PM in the evening before the next class after the class in which I ANNOUNCE THE HW HAS BEEN ASSIGNED. Login to your cse109 account and do the following: 1. In the root directory of your account copy the file /proj/csc109/files/dotEmacs into the file .emacs 2. Create a subdirectory cse109.081 of your root directory. 3. Change the protections for cse109.081 to 700, using the chmod command. For details on this command, use the command man chmod 4. Create a subdirectory of cse109.081 called hw1. 5. Use emacs to edit the file .profile (in your root directory) ^-----Note the dot (.) by adding to the end of the file the line PATH=$PATH:/proj/csc109/bin (to avoid catastrophes, before editing .profile save a copy of it with the command cp .profile .profile.old Then, if you really foul up the file .profile, restore it by copying .profile.old to .profile, using the command
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Unformatted text preview: cp .profile.old .profile ) 6. Store a copy of the file .profile in cse109.081/hw1, naming the copy "profile". 7. Use emacs to create a file called "autobio" in which you write a brief autobiography. Store this file in the subdirectory cse109.081/hw1. 8. While in the subdirectory cse109.081/hw1 execute the command touch DONE This will create a 0-byte file with the name DONE. This file acts as a flag to the little green man who collects the homework. (For programming assignments, this little green man or his wife will collect assignments from the subdirectories cse109.081/p? of all students who have created the file DONE in that subdirectory. For homework, the flag has no effect and is not necessary, but the little green man or his wife still looks to see whether the flag is there.)...
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