Trig-Final%20Exam%20Review-Fall%202002 - Triqonometrv Final...

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Unformatted text preview: Triqonometrv Final Exam Review Sheet PS7t02 General Directions: lf a problem is given in radians the solution should also be in radians. (Of course, the exception is when converting from radians to degrees.) All answers should be exact unless stated otherwise. lt is fine to leave radicals in the denominator of a fraction, but they should be reduced. You may use a Tl-82 or Tl-83, but you may not use a Tl-89 or Tl-92. 1. Find the complement of (a) 47" (g 2nn 2. Find the supplement of (a) 47" (b) 2nt7 3. Convert to radians: (a) 68" (b) 3n" 4. Convert to degrees: (a) 3nl8 (b) 45 5. Find the measure in degrees of the central angle of a circle with radius 10 cm subtended by an arc of 25 cm. 6. Find the measure of the intercepted arc of a circle with radius 5 meters and central angle 144.. Give both the exact answer and the approximate answer rounded to the nearest hundredth. 8 . A wheel is rotating at 200 revolutions per minute. Find the angular speed in radians per second. radians per second. 9. Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of 0 for the right triangle shown. 10. Let 0 be the acute angle of a right triangle with sin 0 = Yo. Find the values of the other five trig functions 11. Find the exactvalue of ,inIcor1 -tanL 3 4 6 12. At 3:00 p.m., a boat is 12.5 miles due west of a radar station and traveling at 11 mph in a direction tat is 52.3" south of an east-west line. At what time will the boat be closest to the radar station? Give you answer to the nearest minute. '13. A submarine traveling 9.0 mph is descending at an angle of depression of 5o. How many minutes does it take the submarine to reach a depth of 80 feet? Two buildings are 240 feet apart. The angle of elevation from the top of the shorter building to the top of the other building is 22. lf the shorter building is 80 feet high, how high is the taller building?taller building?...
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Trig-Final%20Exam%20Review-Fall%202002 - Triqonometrv Final...

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