Muscle Tissue.1.31.07 - Human Applied Anatomy, Spring 2007...

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Human Applied Anatomy, Spring 2007 01/31/2007 (Wed) Muscle Tissue - The muscle tissue is stimulated to cause movement across our joints - Structure of skeletal muscle muscle cell (muscle fiber)/endomysium(connective tissue around each fiber) fascicle (wrap group of muscle fibers)/ perimysium (connective tissue around 9-12 fibers) muscle/ epimysium(connective tissue around whole muscle) - b/c the skeletal muscle is responsible for doing moving limb or produce movement it is important for muscle tissue to transmit the force well connective can play critical role! - Tendon composed by regular dense connective tissue connect muscle and bone - Three class of joints (figure please refer to text) First-class level: load-fulcrum-effort (L-F-E) Second-class level: fulcrum-load-effort (F-L-E) restricted motion and loss range of motion (ROM) Third-class level: load-effort-effort (L-E-F) less mechanical advantage (short distance but larger resistance) Longer force arm better mechanical advantage (but in several condition our body should sacrifice speed and range of motion for generate specific motion) From the architectural perspective Muscles are often classified on the bias of the orientation of the muscle fibers longitudinal axes relative to that of the entire muscle. Muscles designed to fit purpose of joint Muscles designed for velocity have longer fiber length Muscles designed for force have shorter fiber length and 1
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Muscle Tissue.1.31.07 - Human Applied Anatomy, Spring 2007...

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