2 - Tribal Communication Each member of the tribe despite...

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Tribal Communication Each member of the tribe, despite being a culturally diverse group, maintains an understanding of one another. Although English is the dominant language within the tribe, not all members use it consistently. Without focusing too much on verbal communication, we will observe their “gesture-call” systems and attempt to categorize these systems. In order to better understand the tribe we must analyze our data and try to comprehend the implications. Choosing samples from several different locations around the territory is essential to formulating an understanding of the interactions between the tribe members. I have selected the dining facilities, library and living quarters. By recording observations from each of these locations, we will be able to distinguish between universal signs and culture-specific signs. In addition, we will examine different groups of each culture. Initially, we will look at the composition and context of each interaction, the signs used, and then we will analyze the data. While observing tribesmen in the dining hall I noticed many forms of gesture-call systems. At one table there were six members including two females and four males, all being Caucasian Americans. The males wore sweatpants, jeans and hooded sweatshirts, while the females wore jeans and sweaters. The interaction focused on a certain coach of one of the sports teams. There seemed to be a hierarchy within the group in which two of the males dominated the conversation while the rest of the group contributed little verbal communication and slightly more non-verbal communication. Each member demonstrated their
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2 - Tribal Communication Each member of the tribe despite...

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