3 - Sex and Crack Plutarch: "An imbalance between rich...

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Sex and Crack Plutarch : "An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics." 1 No matter where anyone ventures to, social inequality exists in some form or other. In order to narrow the range of possible samples, we will explore the Atlanta and New York City metropolitan areas. The proliferation of crack cocaine and prostitution in these areas has created a situation that is self-perpetuating. Cultural and social reproduction theories can help in our attempt to understand why sex workers and drug dealers exist and continue to exist. In her article titled Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of AIDS , Claire E. Sterk (2000) investigates the lives of prostitutes in New York City and Atlanta. By conducting intimate fieldwork, Sterk is able to shed light on the forces that attract and retain sex workers to their lifestyles. Similarly, Philippe Bourgois (1989) personally investigates the lives of certain individuals and their way of life in Spanish Harlem. In both cases, there is distinct evidence of social separation between the upper classes and lower classes, inherent in a capitalist society such as the United States, which continues to fuel itself. Are there ways to mitigate this self-perpetuating system? Maybe there are, but until people realize the impact of social inequality on these problems, there will continue to be sex workers and drugs. Within New York City and Atlanta, there are many forms of inequality.
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3 - Sex and Crack Plutarch: "An imbalance between rich...

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