5 - Is Pure Democracy Attainable In order to further...

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Is Pure Democracy Attainable? In order to further democratize the democracy, we must focus on improving democratic citizenship. It is my belief that before any other role in our society, it is most important to serve society as a citizen. Implicit in the idea of citizenship are many different aspects of a person. Namely, citizenship in general includes an individual’s moral fiber acquired from life experiences and education. As a people, we must be capable and willing to exercise the rights bestowed on us to accept as well as challenge our democracy. Later on I will explore more deeply what democratic citizenship entails. By improving democratic citizenship, we will be more fully equipped to maximize the efficiency and rights we are entitled to. The first obstacle is having each member of society informed and well-equipped to understand democracy. The next is preparing each individual to utilize that knowledge in the quest to verify and possibly modify the institution, our government, which attempts to exercise democracy. It is important to remember that my arguments for democratizing the democracy and improving democratic citizenship are given in the context of our industrially advanced society of today. Within our democracy today, it may seem that we have lost touch with our role as a citizen. I believe this minimization of the role of a citizen has come at the worst possible time due to the proliferation of technology, industry and communications. We must decide as a society to further expand our conception of democratic citizenship. To be more specific, I feel that many people in our society perceive their role in society as being smaller than it really should be. This is a significant mistake. Although it may seem as if it is too late to change the outlook of our citizens, we must put forth some form 1
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of effort to improve. Some aspects that I believe are lacking in today’s definition of democratic citizenship are moral fiber, virtue, initiative, philanthropy, public awareness and movement away from isolationism. These are such important elements of citizenship because given today’s problems, such as political corruption, corporate scandals and terrorism, they will be the most effective weapons. Furthermore, the most important reason for us to harness and utilize these components of democratic citizenship is to be able to challenge the institutions which push us further away from democracy. The State is the most significant of these institutions because I feel that our representatives are
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5 - Is Pure Democracy Attainable In order to further...

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