3.20.08 - Class 18 Week 9 El Salvador-Soccer War-Elections...

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March 20, 2008 Class 18 Week 9 El Salvador -Soccer War -Elections of 1972 -Growth of the left -Guerilla Organizations -Mass organizations -The Catholic Church -Military moderizers/hardliners -The role of the US Take a look at the Wilkenson book b/c speaker will be here shortly after the break Summary of Last week Chamorro first civilian government Gini indices way to measure inequality by consolidating At the present time Nicaragua has the 2 nd highest level of inequality within the most unequal societies (Latin America) Aleman Government Sandinistas return to presidency in 20006 El Salvador in reference to commonalities shared with Nicaragua -military role within society -agro-export society Differences -nature of wars Within military coups took over, Old Guard stopped reforms b/c they had come to benefit from status quo El Salvador saw the birth of a few opposition parties 1960s in political sector, but it was not only sphere of politics also at the level of the poorer sectors in society First 8 months of 1969 there were 13 major strikes, and of these 8 were won outright by strikers May Day 1969-marches and demonstrations in 17 cities These activities unified workers teachers, students, opposition political parties, civic associations, priests from all different sectors of society This caused alarm to the stability of the system aggravated by Salvadoran-Honduran war 1969 El Salvador initiates war on Honduras, aka Soccer war Initiated with invasion of Honduras of 14 of July of 1969 Invasion followed a campaign waged by Honduras against El Salvador (responded to campaing) The Campaign stemmed from Honduras own economic difficulties Honduras was the least benefited by CACM (now had been in place for 8 years) El Salvador had gained greatly at expense of Hondurans in CACM
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Hondurans began its campaign through blocking off the flow of Salvadoran products to Honduras It froze Salvadoran capital investments in Honduras and it refused to renew an immigration treaty that existed between the two countries Part of blocking immigration treaty, was especially directed at the 300k Salvadoran peasants who had settled b/c paused out of land Honduras pushed those 300k immigrants back into El Salvador El Salvador responded by attacking Honduras militarily it lasted 5 days the OAS declared cease fire at this point
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3.20.08 - Class 18 Week 9 El Salvador-Soccer War-Elections...

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