4.17.08 - Lecture 4.17.2008 Guatemala Mendez- Civilian...

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Lecture 4.17.2008 Guatemala Mendez - Civilian president o Repression in 1960s under civilian government of Mendez Montenegro o Col. Arana leading repression Became president Arana in 1970s (military Power) State of siege- all civil rights went out the window 1954- 1966- military rule 1966-70 Mendez 1970-74- military power once again No guerilla activity Arana launched systematic reign of terror (state of Peace) 15000 Guatemalans disappeared Targets of terror : those who represented possibility of non violent reform of political and social system o Trade unions, peasant organizations o 1974- Elections (Christian Democratic Party Candidate)- Efrain Rios Montt o Army chief of staff o Won election, but not allowed to take office o Instead another general was imposed to take office Kjel Laugaruc (takes office) spell
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Relaxes the terror and small space was left for reformers Was shut down by 1976 Earthquake o 20,000 people dead o 1976- earthquake o International humanitarian Aid Many missionaries dedicated to the pursuit of social justice(Latin American Bishops) Reconstruction process-(labor unions, church groups) Focus on local self improvement, lifestyle These groups were non ideological o They sought bread and butter reforms o Urban areas Mid 1970s New political groups Middle class reformers starter to confront the upper class Electoral fraud continues like with Rios Montt From 1976- 1980 marked growth of several political movements
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4.17.08 - Lecture 4.17.2008 Guatemala Mendez- Civilian...

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