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Name: Class Section: DIET ANALYSIS PROJECT Print the following instructions and the worksheet included. Part 1: (25 points) 6. Get on the internet and go to , which is the official USDA food guide pyramid website. 7. On the right, create a profile of yourself with the information requested, then click “submit”. . 8. On the right, click on “click to view and print a PDF of a helpful meal tracking worksheet”. 9. Print 3 copies (change to black print only if you don’t want to run out your color ink!) 10. Keep 3 days of food records by recording everything you eat and drink, including portion sizes for each individual item on the left column, in order consumed. Don’t forget to also write down condiments that you add to your foods. Then transfer the foods listed into the proper food groups in the second to last column, if it falls in one. Add up amount consumed for each food group in the last column. Use one sheet per day. 11. Visually analyze your dietary intake based on the food guide pyramid recommendations. 12. You can use any 3 TYPICAL days to record your intake (they do not have to be consecutive). Make sure you don’t use days when you are sick, so you can get an accurate view of your normal diet. Part 2: (50 points) 13. Install current version of the diet analysis software (version 8.0) as instructed on your syllabus (or you can use one of the selected computers in the computer lab at Valencia). Points will be deducted if version 8.0 or higher is not used. 14. Once completed, review the Quick Start Tutorial. This will be very helpful in teaching you how to use the software properly. 15. Create a profile on yourself (click on “Profile: Start here” on top left) 16. Once your profile is created and then selected, enter student information. Under class “section”, please list your class CRN number.
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This note was uploaded on 06/17/2008 for the course HUN 1001 taught by Professor Engel during the Spring '08 term at Valencia.

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project - Name: Class Section: DIET ANALYSIS PROJECT Print...

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