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Gary Elledge TR 12:00 White 10/9/07 Evaluative Argument The movie, Crash, is viewed publicly acceptable because of how natural and downplayed everything in the movie seems to be. This movie naturalizes racist stereotypes in disguise as a way to inform people of the incorrect stereotypes. It presents the problem that we have today, but with no way of fixing it. The central theme of the film is simple: Everyone is prejudiced - black, white, Asian, Iranian and, we assume, anyone from any other racial or ethnic group (Jensen). Crash is a bad movie because it gives the impression that everyone acts a certain way and there is nothing we can do about it. The author belle hooks writes about prejudices that face the world today. She relates them to certain times in history. She is known to site other books she has written in her own articles. She often uses the term “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy” in her writings. Hooks seems to be very upset about racism in the world, and that is basically what she writes about most. Bell hooks’ article suggests that white men in America see it natural that they are superior to everyone else. She also suggests that everyone else agrees with the white male attitude because the think they are supposed to. The movie Crash also does this in way because it shows the white people in positions of power throughout the movie. It also shows the people of different races in positions of poverty or struggle against another race. For one, the black woman - played by Thandie Newton - is again powerless and must be acted upon by the figure of white male authority (Smith).
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Hooks uses the term “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy” to state that white males have all the power. It at least suggests that they believe they have all the power. In the movie the character Matt Dillon plays has an argument with a black woman in a position of power. He says to her that she only got the job because she was a black woman and there were plenty of white men that were more qualified. This shows that hooks was right about this theory of white supremacy being acceptable because this movie is so widely acclaimed. The cop that sexually assaults the woman later is called upon to a crash scene where the woman is in great danger. He then climbs into the burning car to save the woman. She recognizes him as the man who assaulted her and tries to refuse to let him help her. She has no choice but to let him save her. This makes the white man the hero of the movie, causing the audience to forget about how he was racist and a sex offender. The white supremacy theory reigns heavily in this scene.
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crashintome - Gary Elledge TR 12:00 White 10/9/07...

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