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Gary Elledge TR 12:00 White 11/8/07 Ethical Argument The face of America is changing on a daily basis. New issues of race, gender, religion, and now even sexual orientation are constantly arising. A great debate over homosexual rights is a modern issue that must be faced. The gay rights issue has two sides; only one of which represents America in the sense of what America was founded. America’s neglect of gay rights is wrong because it is discrimination in its most true form, and it overrides the rights given to the people by the constitution. America was founded by a large group of Europeans that wanted the rights of freedom. The main freedom they sought out for was freedom of religion. The issue of gay rights would most commonly be placed under a religious issue. The Bible says that it is wrong and a sin to be homosexual. This is the main argument against gay rights. The very first right in the bill of rights is freedom of religion. If America takes away the rights of gay people on the grounds that the bible disagrees with their lifestyles, then this is essentially taking away the first amendment. Freedom of religion is many things to people. To some, it means you have the freedom to believe whatever you want. To others it may mean you can worship wherever and whenever you choose. This freedom is not secluded to only denominations of Christianity. It is open to all religions and non-religions known across the planet. Homosexuals are not necessarily non-Christians. They may believe in taking the Bible in a less literal way. This all concludes that religion shouldn’t play a part in the deciding of Gay rights, due to the first amendment.
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Out of the main minorities, homosexuals are the last to be given equal rights. Women were given equal rights in the 1920s. African Americans were given equal rights in the 1960s. In order to form a more perfect balance of equality to all minorities, homosexuals should be given the rights that all other Americans enjoy. If America truly is the home of the free, then maybe America should consider letting everyone be free. All of America’s rights should apply to everyone.
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gayrights - Gary Elledge TR 12:00 White 11/8/07 Ethical...

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