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article #1 in the zone

article #1 in the zone - "In The Zone Article Summarization...

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“In The Zone” Article Summarization It is a proven fact, most schools that have below grade level students come from high-poverty areas. It is a continuing struggle to get these schools up to par, especially when there is a lack of funds. This article is about how a superintendent established an virtual school district to help get schools with struggling students out of the gutter. They tackled the schools problems by providing higher salaries to more qualified teachers that taught in areas were it was needed most. In these virtual school zones, teachers from 39 schools had to participate in “intensive professional development” programs and also received a fifteen percent salary increase. The superintendent changed the curriculum and extended school hours and days. He knew that these schools would require extra state funds, as well as to make the struggling schools realize that they needed an “extra boost.” Miami’s struggling schools would be forced
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