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Grade Log portfolio#2 - Angela Norman 8 Shawna Banks 10...

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Grade Log Andrea Sutton- 10 had as much input on topic as everyone else Marie Belcombe- 10 had as much input as everyone else Ruth Taylor- 10 always seems to be the leader of the group, brings up a lot of interesting points Jamilla Meekins- 8 was only there for one day of the assignment Shawnie Gocking- ? can’t put a face to the name Latasha Morris- 9 Paula Decker- 10 contributed to a lot of the answers to the questions Nicole Williams- 9 got the answers by herself, but then later shared with the group
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Unformatted text preview: Angela Norman- 8 Shawna Banks- 10 quiet but when she did speak it was a very good point Torian Sauage- always seems to be contributing, leader of the activity basically Jason Keirstead- 10 contributes a lot when the group work is something he feels strongly about Toni Coleman- 6 I don’t even remember her speaking… Durriyyah Hasan- 10 always knows the subjects in the projects because she can relate as a mother. Always brings up interesting controversy in topics...
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  • Fall '07
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  • English-language films, American film actors, Nicole Williams, Shawna Banks, assignment Shawnie Gocking, Durriyyah Hasan

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