log #3 - -lack of guidance-dysfunctional families-poor...

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Log # 3 Philosophy of Education Reflective Writing -What are your own beliefs on teaching and how it should be conducted? Christine Potts Ruth Taylor Nicole Williams Angela Norman Shauna Banks Latosha Morris Torian Sauage Jason Kierstead Toni Coleman Students learn best when… -play -imitation -using their 5 senses -multi-intelligences -models -interaction Most important role of the school is… -provide foundations to be a successful person in society -equal opportunity for learning Students fail because… -lack of school funding -early detection of special needs not diagnosed -parents aren’t involved
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Unformatted text preview: -lack of guidance-dysfunctional families-poor administration Students succeed because…-self motivation-parent-teacher communication-technology-good curriculum The most effective way to teach is…-unbiased-put students in small groups-multi-leveled groups-planning-teacher enthusiasm-structured curriculum-non-violent/hostile free environment Learning should be measured by…-the child as an individual-frequent assessment-grades measure of their progress The greatest strength I bring to teaching is…-patience-willing to put forth the effort -sense of humor-dedication...
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log #3 - -lack of guidance-dysfunctional families-poor...

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