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log # 1 - other words a child around the age of five should...

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Comenius provided several key philosophies during his time that helped establish standards in schools today. He purposed the idea that the government should take an interest in schools by providing funding for them. A percentage of tax dollars today are designated to the school systems. It provides for materials, teacher salaries, and covers the costs it takes to keep schools up and running. There are also things like visual aids that the government also helps support. John Locke had some key proposals for his time. He believed that a child should be taught according to its talents. He claimed that child’s minds were blank slates that knowledge could be written on. Society today is filled with technology schools and charter schools that still focus on the students’ aptitude on certain things. Rousseau advocated for developmentally appropriate teaching. In
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Unformatted text preview: other words, a child around the age of five should be taught by using games and play to learn. He also believed that removing hindering obstacles from the classroom could act as a way to not hinder development. Today, school systems have strict curriculums that pertain to children’s ages. Pestalozzi deemed that children learn best through play. Schools should teach children in a way to appeal to all five senses, to insure that students were kept interested and will given all the possible ways to consequently learn. He founded the first kindergarten, and they can be found throughout the world today. Pre-kindergarteners and kindergarteners are still taught through play and schools most likely will continue teaching in this way for years to come....
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