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Log#1 European Thinkers - Log #1 Influence of European...

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Log #1 Influence of European Thinkers Group Members: Andrea Sutton Marie Belcombe Ruth Taylor Jamilla Meekins Shaunie Gocking -Identify key ideas of each of the Europeans thinkers and how their ideas still appear still in current American education. Comenius -believed government should support schooling -thought education could improve society -thought the only quality way to teacher child was to use correct, constantly updated textbooks -wanted education to begin early, before a child’s mind was”corrupted” Today the government still provides funding. Visual aids are still administered to those who need them, a percentage of taxes still and always will contribute to school budgeting, and there are constitutional amendments that state that every child is entitled to a free and equal education. It is required by law, that children start education at the kindergarten level, which Comenius would approve of because he believed in starting education early.
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Locke -taught according to child’s talents -believed children learn from their environment -believed children were born with minds that were blank slates -believed an effective teacher taught by example and suggestion, not
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Log#1 European Thinkers - Log #1 Influence of European...

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