Log#2 European Immigrants

Log#2 European Immigrants - people were becoming partial to...

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Log # 2 European Thinkers Group Members: -Ruth Taylor -Latasha Morris -Paula Decker What opportunities, advantages, and disadvantages did Europeans have? From 1880 through 1924, most of America’s immigrants came from southern, central, and eastern Europe. They fled Europe to America to avoid starvation and persecution going on around that time period in their native countries. To them, our country stood for freedom, safety, and possibilities for a better future. When all of these nationalities arrived in America, there were many different races and ethnicities. In some places in New York, one could find people from the whole world in a single neighborhood and all across the country
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Unformatted text preview: people were becoming partial to their own “group” of people. America’s goal then became to promote assimilation and what better way to teach it, than through our school systems. Diversity in culture obviously occurred when all of these immigrants poured in somewhat small timeframe. Children are our future, and when religion was taken out of schools, a lot of the cultural barriers were let down. In my opinion, assimilation worked quite well, as the generations grew up into today’s society, people seemed to have more of a tolerance and respect for each other....
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Log#2 European Immigrants - people were becoming partial to...

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