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pg 175 Business #2 800words - I choose to research the...

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I choose to research the decision that AT&T and Bell South made to merge their firms. In late 2006, these companies made an almost effortless conclusion that working as a whole would benefit each of them in massive ways. AT&T bought out Cingular wireless also, which with all of these combined efforts has made them one of the leading wireless companies in the world. Throughout this paper I plan to explain information regarding this merge with reliable information I found from AT&T itself and websites such as,, and other journalist article sites. Bell South primarily operates well, in the south and was Atlanta based. It provides a numerous amount services such as credit cards, cable TV, satellite TV, electricity, Internet access, and banking. Right before the decision to merge, Bell South was valued at an eighty-six billion dollar company. Bell South was one of seven original telephone companies in the United States, so therefore it must have had a must have been doing something right to operate for so long. With this as admiralty, AT&T offered them with a proposition of unification. Bell South was faced with a tough competitor that also provided the same services in all their business territory. So basically Bell South decided, if you can’t beat them, join them. And with good reasons, they joined forces because
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pg 175 Business #2 800words - I choose to research the...

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