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pg 304 Business #2 800 words - Christine Potts Intro to...

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Christine Potts Intro to Business Pg. 304 Developing Critical Skills 3/4/08 1. One-hour dry cleaner –product layout Health club –process layout Auto repair shop –process layout Fast-food restaurant –process layout Shipyard that builds supertankers –fixed-position layout Automobile assembly plant –product layout A process layout is used primarily in workplaces that provide customized products in smaller quantities. The layout consists of different areas where different tasks needed are performed. In the case of an auto repair shop or fast-food restaurant I’ve chosen a process layout as a most profitable and reasonable way to operate. In a fast-food business, one part of the “assembly” is the cashier at the front of the counter taking the order, and machine processing the orders and displaying them on a screen in the back, and then various workers around different stationed food preparers (deep fryer, toaster, grill, ect) in the back of the kitchen making the food. Each customer’s order is customized to their taste, so if a customer wants fries or a burger or chicken nuggets; there is a station available to provide for what the customer wants. The complete order, in return, is prepared by different workers on different cooking devices in their own designated areas, and is completed and brought to the front at once to make to make the order “fast-food”.
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pg 304 Business #2 800 words - Christine Potts Intro to...

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