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class notes 3-27

class notes 3-27 - dark adaptation Rods are the most...

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Iris controls the size of the pupil (smaller too much light, bigger not enough) Periphery are where the receptors are to dim illumination Retina is a many clear layered membrane, which contains the important receptors for vision (photo receptors) The image on the retina upside down and a mirror image, the connection to the brain straightens it out. Also known as the laws of optical projection The receptors in the retina are in the back, for protection The cones are in the center of the retina and the rods are located in the in the periphery Cones: 6 million, center=fovea, used for bring illumination, pickup clear details, responsible for full color Rods: 120 million, out edges=periphery, used for dim illumination, totally colorblind,
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Unformatted text preview: dark adaptation Rods are the most sensitive in dim light Visual purple is what the rods need to work in dim illumination From the receptors, the nerve fibers leave the eyeball through the meshwork going to the brain. Visual information processing The optic nerve fiber going into the brain Depth perception (3D vision) is recognized because of the optic nerves crossing Color vision major theories Young-helmholter= trichromatic Light (sun) colors = red green blue E.Hering= opponent process Nerve path ways that handle Red and green Yellow and blue White and blue 4/1/08 figure and ground- the perception of an object that is distinct from its surroundings closure- test on Thursday, study guide available...
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class notes 3-27 - dark adaptation Rods are the most...

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