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Lecture # 1, Thursday, October 18th, 2007 (Readings in Lewis: Chapter 9) Introduction to the Central Dogma of Life: Genes are lengths of chromosomal DNA that code for the synthesis of proteins. Gene contains info to create proteins and every animal does it this way Central Dogma of Life: all animals get their proteins from the coding in their genes and they all do it in the same way. Therefore its all about the genes . Proteins are what make the cells work 2 reasons for DNA replication: hereditary and creating more cells DNA replication 1. Genes, DNA structure: the two strands in chromosomal DNA are antiparallel to each other. One side 3’ 5’ other side 5’ 3’ each side runs anti-paralle Bases are burines and pyrimdines New strand on one side is made in sections called Okazaki Fragments these fragments are pieced together by ligase Helicase unwinds and breakes the H-bonds of the DNA to facilitate replication. 2.
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