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anthro quiz 1

anthro quiz 1 - In his chapter The Shape of the Earth...

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In his chapter “The Shape of the Earth”, Ingold explores an experiment to understand how children’s understanding of the world caused a “perspectival double take” among the participants. With the Vosniaduo and Brewer experiment, the experimenters failed to clarify what they meant by earth when they requested that the children draw earth, inhabitants, and the sky. Darcy, a little girl in the experiment became confused. When asked to draw the earth she drew a sphere with the moon and stars. However, when they asked her where the people lived on earth, she drew two houses towards the bottom of the page. When she drew both the round earth and the flat ground as she knew it, she was questioned by experimenters which was earth. After some confusion, Darcy tried to ask them by which definition they wished for her to draw, the earth we stand on or
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