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Name: ___________________________ Midterm Examination Public Speaking– MONDAY – Fall 2005 50 points Draw and clearly label the basic communication model (10 points – 7 for accurate labels/3 for accurate drawing) Multiple choice (1 point each unless noted) please circle the most correct answer 1. ____________ is the belief that one's own group or culture is superior to all other groups or cultures. a) Elitism b) Egocentrism c) Ethnocentrism ** d) Patriotism 2. Which of the following is likely to help you deal with nervousness in your speeches? a) Visualize yourself giving a strong speech. b) Focus on communicating rather than on being nervous. c) Be thoroughly prepared for each speech d) All of the above ** 3. Because each person has a different frame of reference, the meaning of a message will never be exactly the same to a listener as to a speaker. a) True ** b) False 4. Which of the following violates the speaker's ethical obligation to be honest in what she or he says? a) Juggling statistics b) Quoting out of context c) Citing unusual cases as typical examples d) All of the above ** 5. Hearing and listening are identical. a) True b) False ** 6. Characteristics about your audience such as age, affiliations, and income are called ______ a) Physical context b) Demographics ** c) Statistics d) Markers 7. Listening to evaluate a message for purposes of accepting or rejecting it is called a) Critical listening ** b) Argumentative listening c) Judicious listening d) Logical listening 8. The statement that condenses your message into a single sentence is _______________ Public Speaking Fall 2005 1
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a) The declarative statement b) The thesis statement/central idea ** c) The summary statement/specific purpose d) The evaluation statement 9. The section of a speech that reinforces/restates the central idea is the __________ a) Conclusion ** b) Introduction c) Transition d) Body 10. Which one of the following lists of main points shows a categorical
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exam_midterm_Fall2005 - Name Midterm Examination Public...

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