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Name: ____________________________________ Examination Public Speaking- 50 Points - Multiple choice (1 points each - 40 total) please circle the most correct answer 1. As you present your speech, you notice that many of your listeners have interested looks on their faces and are nodding their heads in agreement with your ideas. According to your textbook, these reactions by your listeners are called A. interference . B. cognitive cues. C. feedback . D. audience cues. E. indicators. 2. The following passage from a speech introduction is an example of ____________. After attending a seminar on currency security, I became fascinated by the technology developed by the Treasury Department to prevent the counterfeiting of paper money. I learned more about the subject by reading information from the Treasury Department, as well as by interviewing Donna Marshall, a security expert at Bank of America. A. revealing the topic B. previewing the body C. stating the importance of the topic D. establishing the speaker's credibility E. relating to the audience 3. The fact that audiences are egocentric means that A. listeners believe their cultural group is superior to all other groups. B. listeners are concerned above all with how a speech will affect them. C. listeners interpret the speech through the speaker's frame of reference. D. all of the above. E. a and b only. 4. When the main points of a speech follow a time pattern, they are organized in A. problem-solution order. B. spatial order. C. topical order. D. causal order. E. chronological order. 5. Concern by a listener about an upcoming job interview, the lack of air conditioning, or a mosquito bite are all examples of ______________ in the speech communication process. A. feedbac k B. avoidance C. blockag e D. interferenc e E. divergence 6. Paul began his speech as follows: They called Lou Gehrig the iron horse. This tireless worker played an astounding 2,130 consecutive baseball games even though he suffered 17 hand fractures during those years. This would be like one of us never missing a day of school for over 13 years. Can you imagine completing kindergarten through your senior year with perfect attendance? Never taking a sick day, never a college visit day, or even senior skip day. And, to match Gehrig, you would also have to end your school career with an A average. What method for gaining attention and interest did Paul use? A. revealing the general purpose B. relating the topic to the audience C. previewing the body of the speech D. stating the importance of the topic E. summarizing the central idea 1
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7. Even when we are listening carefully, we usually grasp only about ____________ percent of what we hear. A.
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PS_Spr06_Thur_midterm - Name Examination Public Speaking 50...

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