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Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing CS 1371 Computing for Engineers Test 1 Practice Test - Fall Semester 2006 Use this practice test and the book questions for chapters 1-7 excluding Section 7.3 – enumerated types for practice. There is some measurable probability that the real test will contain one of these problems as written.
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CS1372 – Program Design for Engineers Test 1 Practice test Page 2 of 8 Problem 1 – Short Answer a) What computing language does this course (CS 1372) use? Circle one answer. A) A B) B C) C D) Matlab b) Three of the following are required from the ANSI C syntax, and one is just good coding advice. Circle the one which is merely advice. A) An identifier must consist of only letters, digits, and underscores B) An identifier defined in a C standard library cannot be redefined C) An identifier cannot begin with a digit D) A C reserved word cannot be used as an identifier c) Which of the following is a valid identifier (circle all that apply) A) 2letter B) double C) two*four D) Joe's E) none_of_the_above d) Draw a line through any of the list below that do not result in a valid constant of type double. (i) 3.1415 (ii) 0.005 (iii) .12345e (iv) 2.34e5 (v) 1,234 (vi) 15e-1.0 (vii) 12.12e+5 (viii) 150 d) Mark any changes to each line below so that they are complete comments % a single line comment
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CS1372_Fall_2006_Test_1_Practice - Georgia Institute of...

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