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Crit terms 5 - Critical Terms 5 From Critical Theory Today...

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Critical Terms 5 - From Critical Theory Today - Reader Response Criticism Terms. 1. Aesthetic Mode : When the reader experiences a personal relationship to the text that focuses his/her attention on the emotional subtleties of its language and encourages us to make judgments. 2. Affective Stylistics : Derived from analyzing further the notion that a literary text is an event that occurs in time rather than an object that exists in space. 3. Determinate Meaning : Refers to what might be called the facts of the text, certain events in the plot, or physical descriptions clearly provided by the words on the page. 4. Efferent Mode : A mode in which focus is on information contained in the text. 5. Experience oriented reader response statements : Statements which discuss the reader's reactions to the text, describing exactly how specific passages made the reader feel, think, or associate. 6. Identity Theme : The pattern of our psychological conflicts and coping strategies. 7. Implied Reader : The reader that the text seems to be addressing.
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