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Critical Terms 4 - Psychoanalyst Criticism terms from Critical Theory Today . 1. Avoidance : Staying away from people or situations that are liable to make us anxious by stirring up some unconscious - i.e., repressed - experience or emotion. 2. Death drive/Thanatos : Freud's theory that death is a biological drive 3. Defenses : The processes by which the contents of our unconscious are kept in the unconscious. 4. Denial : Believing that the problem does not exist or the unpleasant incident never happened. 5. Displacement : "Taking it out" on someone or something less threatening than the person who caused our fear, hurt, frustration, or anger 6. Ego : The conscious self that experiences the external world through the senses 7. Female Images : An image that can be a stand-in for the womb. Some examples include caves, rooms, cups, enclosures, and containers of any kind. 8. Id : The psychological reservoir of our instincts 9. Imagining Order : The world of images. 10.
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