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Critical Terms 3. From Critical Theory Today - Postcolonial Criticism terms. 1. Colonial Discourse : Based on the colonizers' assumption of their own superiority 2. Colonial Subjects : Colonized persons who did not resist colonial subjugation because they were taught to believe in the colonizers' superiority, and therefore in their own inferiority. 3. Cultural Colonization : The inculcation of a system of gov't and education, culture, and values that denigrate the culture, morals, and even physical appearance of formerly subjugated peoples. 4. Cultural Imperialism : The "takeover" of one culture by another 5. Diaspora : A place where descendants of a people remained that is separate from their
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Unformatted text preview: original homeland. 6. Eurocentrism : The use of European culture as the standard to which all other cultures are negatively contrasted 7. Hybridity/Syncretism : The theory that postcolonial identity is a dynamic, constantly evolving hybrid of native and colonial cultures. 8. Neocolonialism : Modern colonialism 9. Othering : The practice of judging all who are different as less than fully human 10. Unhomeliness : The feeling of not being at home, even at one's own home. 11. White Settler Colonies: Colonies where the colonizers where white and the indigenous people were not....
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