Capital IQ Credit Research - Capital IQ is a web and...

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Capital IQ is a web and Excel-based research platform that combines deep information on companies, securities, and markets worldwide with robust tools for fundamental analysis, surveillance, and trend analysis, CapitallQ enables credit analysts to efficiently evaluate credit quality and monitor ongoing financial, operating, and market performance of credits in their portfolios" Clients use CapitallQ to simplify their analytical workflow and enhance their processes of generating fundamental credit opinions, internal credit ratings, and relative value opinions" m:~: ::. ::l'W' W Streamline Fundamental Analysis Detailed Global Coverage Access in-depth profiles on public and private firms world- wide including corporate structure, ownership, business relationships, related entities, com parables, competitors, securities, events, creditratings and research, estimates, Obtain security level details such asterms, conditions, covenants, and pricing" Adjusted, Auditable Financials View comprehensive financials, operating data, and ratios Financials are adjusted for one-time charges and have features that allowyou to click-through and auditspecific line items to source filings, Comprehensive Peer and Industry Analysis Analyze anissuer relative to peers and appropriate
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Capital IQ Credit Research - Capital IQ is a web and...

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