Deadly Compromise

Deadly Compromise - Paper 1 Summary In “Deadly...

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Paper 1: Summary In “Deadly Compromise”, Peter Green argues that capital punishment is in dire need of reform and he explains its current problems and offers ways to improve the current system. In the article, many examples of negligence and flaws that have still not been repaired. Green tries to show the history of the death penalty and show how far it has come and how far it needs to come in order to be working more proficiently and more justly. In the introduction of “Deadly Compromise”, Peter Green tells two stories of men involved in murder whose stories are examples of the problems that lie in the death penalty. The first story is about a man named Robert Alton who kidnapped and murdered two teenagers. He confessed to the murder and was sentenced to the death penalty in 1979. Although he was sentenced in 1979, he was able to delay his sentence for 13 years. He was finally put to death in 1992, by that time he had managed to get more than 20 appeals. The second story is about a man named Aaron Patterson who was sentenced to death in 1986 for the death of an elderly couple in Chicago. The problem with Patterson’s case is that he is part of a group nicknamed the “Death Row 10” who claim they been beaten so badly by the Chicago police that they were forced to confess to their crimes. Also, no evidence was ever recovered that directly links him to the case. Green then begins to show his opinion on the death penalty by saying that “the present system is, quite literally, the worst of both worlds” (370). Mr. Green goes on to talk about an earlier landmark case of
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Deadly Compromise - Paper 1 Summary In “Deadly...

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