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outsourcing english real - Outsourcing Today almost every...

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Outsourcing Today almost every product on the market is made outside of the United States. It is a rarity to find a product with “Made in the USA” printed on its side. This is especially relevant in the case of high technology products that our society demands. Outsourcing and offshoring benefits the United States because these high technology made in a country other than the U.S. we are able to purchase these products at a much lower price. This benefit is something people usually do not notice since we have been accustomed to this for so long. This is because most of our products that are available in America are being produced in far off countries. This saves companies money and saves Americans money. On the other side, it provides these people in these other countries a stable and well paying job. It provides them money for themselves and their families a financially stable life and confidence where they used to have none. The issue of outsourcing can be beneficial by providing high wage jobs, new lives, self-confidence, dignity and optimism to those who have nothing. Many people when asked if they support outsourcing of offshoring their response is usually, “No.”. This issue of outsourcing and offshoring is an important issue because many people feel that outsourcing takes away jobs from hard working Americans and that it is unpatriotic. In reality, the jobs that people are referring to are jobs that hard working Americans would not want to work hard for. These jobs that are being outsourced are jobs that the Americans do not find desirable. The author N. Venkat Venkatraman of his article “Offshoring Without Guilt” says that “offshoring should be seen for what it is- a key element of the next- generation business model” (Venkatraman 699). These jobs however are seen as good and
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outsourcing english real - Outsourcing Today almost every...

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