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Sociology paper-crash - Owen 1 In the movie Crash people...

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Owen 1 In the movie Crash , people from different ethnic backgrounds interact within a community; this social interaction eventually creates a chain of conflict . Much of the movie is approached from a race-conflict point of view . The film focuses on the inequalities that people from different ethnic backgrounds face in present-day society . The film portrays these inequalities by creating conflict between people of different races and ethnicities ; these include people that are Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern . People see them as different because of their physical unique qualities. The minorities face many problems within America because they are subjected to a culture dominated by the white race . One way that Crash depicts these conflicts is by using numerous stereotypes . Stereotypes are most commonly accepted by white people . This causes many hardships for minorities in all areas of their lives, especially in the work place (Macionis 305) . In the beginning, the movie shows an upper-class white couple walking down the street, the woman saw two black men standing near and she became nervous . This in itself shows a stereotype that African Americans are often involved with criminal deviances (Macionis 187) . But when the two black men steal the couple’s vehicle at gun point, her stereotype is justified . This causes her prejudices towards other races to become more evident during the next couple of scenes . The white man is running for the district attorney position for Los Angeles . He noticed that the fact his car was stolen by black males could potentially hurt his chances
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Owen 2 at winning the election due to lack of support from African Americans . He decided it was important to let the people know that he was a supporter of the black race . His plan was to have a ceremony recognizing an African American as an important citizen in the community . His presentation of self was intended to give other people the impression that he supported the black community (Macionis 103) . After the theft of the car, one of the black men (played by Ludacris) begins to
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Sociology paper-crash - Owen 1 In the movie Crash people...

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