hw4 - CS1372 - HW4 In this homework we will create a small...

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CS1372 - HW4 In this homework we will create a small subset of functions needed to model students in a setting such as GA Tech. Here are the program specifications. All functions definitions will be in a file named studfuncs.cpp. All datatype definitions and function prototypes will reside in the hw4.h file provided. All testing code will go into a file name testhw4.cpp, your main function should appear in this file and nowhere else. Helpful Hints before starting: 1. Be sure to include string.h into the file if you require the helpful string functions that it provides. 2. To move a character array into another character array it may be best to use a function such as strcpy or even better strncpy. 3. To convert a ascii string into a int we can use atoi -> int atoi( char* string ) 4. Any questions regarding which headers are needed for certain functions can be answered by referencing pg.841 in the text. 1) a) Let us first create a structure that models the passwords that students will create to accompany the various student accounts. The password could be just a character array but it is often the case that certain attributes of passwords should be available without having to discern the information from the password itself. Passwords will be modeled by a structure ( password_t ) with the following information pass, a character array ( no longer than 30 characters ), length->int, and strength->int. Look ahead to part b if you are confused as to how this structure should be constructed.
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hw4 - CS1372 - HW4 In this homework we will create a small...

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